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Insert Special Characters

A Special Character inserter for the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).

Support Level Release Version WordPress tested up to version GPLv2 License


Ever wanted to add a special character while working within Gutenberg and suddenly find yourself longing for the days of the Classic Editor and the Special Character inserter? Well long no more, the Insert Special Characters plugin is here to ease your publishing woes!

Note: you can display the popover via the ctrl/cmd + o keyboard shortcut.

Demo of special characters within Gutenberg


To control the available tabs and characters, developers can filter the data set using the insertspecialcharacters-characters JavaScript (wp.hooks) filter.

For example, to create a character inserter that only provides currency symbols:

	'insertspecialcharacters-characters',  // The filter name.
	'mycallback', // Our callback namespace.
	function( component ) { // The callback function.

		// Return the categories/characters to display.
		// The data structure is: { category: [ character data ], category2: ... }
		return {
			"Currency": [
				{ "entity": "$", "hex": "", "name": "Dollar Sign", "char": "$" },
				{ "entity": "€", "hex": "&#20AC;", "name": "Euro Sign", "char": "€" },
				{ "entity": "¢", "hex": "&#00A2;", "name": "Cent Sign", "char": "¢" },
				{ "entity": "£", "hex": "&#00A3;", "name": "Pound Sign", "char": "£" },
				{ "entity": "¥", "hex": "&#00A5;", "name": "Yen Sign", "char": "¥" },



  1. Install the plugin via the plugin installer, either by searching for it or uploading a .zip file.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Use Insert Special Characters!

Frequently Asked Questions

How come I do not see all the special characters?

When a character is displayed using a font that doesn't support that character, a default "not defined" glyph from that font is used. The "not defined" glyph in most fonts has the appearance of a rectangular box, or some variation of that.

One example of a font with support for wide range of glyphs is the Noto family by Google Fonts, which can be loaded by the theme to render the missing characters.

Support Level

Active: 10up is actively working on this, and we expect to continue work for the foreseeable future including keeping tested up to the most recent version of WordPress. Bug reports, feature requests, questions, and pull requests are welcome.


A complete listing of all notable changes to Insert Special Characters are documented in


Please read for details on our code of conduct, for details on the process for submitting pull requests to us, and for a listing of maintainers of, contributors to, and libraries used by Insert Special Characters.

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