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eleventy-plugin-webc 🕚⚡️🎈🐀

Adds support for WebC, the single file web component format, to Eleventy.

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  • Brings first-class components to Eleventy.
    • Expand any HTML element (including custom elements) to HTML with defined conventions from web standards.
    • This means that Web Components created with WebC are compatible with server-side rendering (without duplicating author-written markup)
    • WebC components are Progressive Enhancement friendly.
  • Get first-class incremental builds (for page templates, components, and Eleventy layouts) when used with --incremental
  • Streaming friendly (stream on the Edge 👀)
  • Easily scope component CSS (or use your own scoping utility).
  • Tired of importing components? Use global or per-page no-import components.
  • Shadow DOM friendly (works with or without Shadow DOM)
  • All configuration extensions/hooks into WebC are async-friendly out of the box.
  • Bundler mode: Easily roll up the CSS and JS in-use by WebC components on a page for page-specific bundles. Dirt-simple critical CSS/JS to only load the code you need.
  • For more complex templating needs, render any existing Eleventy template syntax (Liquid, markdown, Nunjucks, etc.) inside of WebC.
  • Works great with is-land for web component hydration.