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Eleventy v0.11.0: The Eponymous Release

@zachleat zachleat released this
· 796 commits to master since this release
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v0.11.0 Documentation

Install or Upgrade

  • Install to your local project: npm install @11ty/eleventy
  • Already installed in your local project? Upgrade your version: npm update @11ty/eleventy
  • Read more about local project versus global installation

How can you support Eleventy?

Thank you to everyone that contributed code, documentation, answered questions, filed issues, said a kind word on Twitter ❤️

The TL;DR List

Computed Data

Computed Data is a mechanism to transform the data at the end of the data cascade, before template rendering.

Incremental Builds

  • Incremental support for --incremental is ongoing. Follow along at
  • This version supports incremental passthrough copy. Changing a passthrough copy file during --watch or --serve only copies the changed file and does not trigger a full build. #977


  • In shortcodes you can now access page variable data under without needing to pass in as an argument (works with Nunjucks, Liquid, 11ty.js JavaScript, Handlebars) #741

The Road to ESM

New Filters

The Nitty Gritty List™

  • Adds .npmignore to streamline npm payload—thanks @pdehaan! #951 #962
  • Adds additional performance-related debug messages to help developers analyze and improve performance of builds: #1078
  • Make the priority of different file extensions explicit in Global Data—thanks @gloryofrobots! #794 #821
  • Now parses a directory data file in the top level input directory. #935 #993
  • Support for cooldown period between builds during watch/serve. Adds Configuration API method setWatchThrottleWaitTime to set (in milliseconds). Useful if you use a Save All feature in your editor that saves multiple files at the same time. #559 Related to #977 Docs forthcoming: #1003
  • Adds beforeWatch build event (runs before a re-build during watch or serve, not the initial build) #1042
  • To discourage huge passthrough copy in the build, we now show the number of files copied in console log output #1077
  • Markdown templates (and thus markdown-it plugins) can receive and use data—thanks @blacksquaresa! #643
  • Throw an error if an 11ty.js JavaScript template doesn’t return anything! Thanks @ithinkihaveacat #1013 #1012
  • Retrieve a reference to existing Eleventy provided filters in with Configuration API method getFilter, docs pending #284

Bug fixes

  • Fail silently on empty/null dates in front matter—thanks @DirtyF @dceddia! #850 #786
  • Copy improvements in comments/code style cleanup—thanks @samuelpath! #960 #970 #968 #992 #991 #987
  • Fix for errors being swallowed in the Error Handler 😭, reporting as Cannot read property 'trim' of undefined
  • A ton of bug fixes for renderData (details above in the Computed Data section)
  • npm audit: #1023 #1026 #1025


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