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@zachleat zachleat released this Jan 12, 2018 · 1239 commits to master since this release


npm install -g @11ty/eleventy

Read the full Getting Started Quick Guide


  • Adds DEBUG=* eleventy mode for additional logging and information! Read more

  • Massive speed improvements, found a serious bottleneck in globby when using the gitignore: true feature. Worked around it to shave seconds off execution time.

  • Adds big docs page about Layouts in Eleventy.

  • Adds --config=MyConfigFile.js command line option to override the default project config file for eleventy.

  • Supports a single file input using --input=FILENAME. Thinking about adding support for globs here in the future, if user-requested!

  • Adds Code Coverage Statistics to the documentation and an npm run coverage script that automates it.

  • See full GitHub milestone

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