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@zachleat zachleat released this Jan 17, 2018 · 1325 commits to master since this release


npm install -g @11ty/eleventy

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  • The long awaited blog web site sample project: eleventy-base-blog is here—with an RSS feed! (technically Atom) #29

  • Adds passthroughFileCopy option as a very basic feature to copy assets (think CSS or images) to the output directory. Read more

  • Adds page.url data option to allow comparison with[…].url to find if the item is the same as the current page (useful for active page classes on navigation) #22 #36

  • Bugs with inputDir vs ./inputDir normalization in ignores. #33 #34 #35

  • Fixed a bug with --watch and build counts/times

  • Layouts can now include a full path (with subdirectories) instead of just a filename: layout: layouts/mylayout.njk

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