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Eleventy v0.3.0

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@zachleat zachleat released this 26 Mar 13:54

Eleventy is a simpler Static Site Generator!

⭐️ Support Eleventy by starring us on GitHub! This will increase our project’s visibility on, a big giant list of static site generators.

🚨 Eleventy wins Google Open Source Peer Bonus Award


  • Adds new documentation pages for each individual template engine:
  • Adds Configuration API setLibrary for all template engines. Configure your own rendering engine options (e.g. add your own markdown options/plugins). #79
  • Adds --dryrun to run Eleventy without writing any files (useful for debugging issues) #77
  • Eleventy throws an error when using unknown options (instead of running) #66 Thanks @kleinfreund!
  • Bug fix: paginate collection data #76
  • Bug fix: directory specific data files were being ignored in some cases #78
  • Eleventy Configuration API: addPassthroughCopy is now chainable. #81 #82 Thanks @kleinfreund!
  • We’ve surpassed 300 automated tests 👍


Non-dev Dependency semver Major Version Upgrades: