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Eleventy v0.3.1

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@zachleat zachleat released this 05 Apr 04:49
· 2123 commits to main since this release

Eleventy is a simpler Static Site Generator!

⭐️ Support Eleventy by starring us on GitHub! This will increase our project’s visibility on, a big giant list of static site generators.


  • Update .eleventy.js Configuration during --watch and Eleventy will reload everything for you transparently: #91
  • Gets the test suite passing on Windows 10 👍: #1
  • Fixes a bug with Passthrough Copy files and input directories that were not ".": #90. Thanks @Wilto!
  • Adds an easy way to namespace plugins (a group of filters, tags, helpers, collections, etc) with the Configuration API: #98
  • Fixes a bug with collections and tags when tags were assigned as a string in front matter: tags: mytag #95. Thanks @Wilto!
  • Fixes a bug with templateEngineOverride and permalink adding markdown paragraphs #93.


Dependency semver Major Version Upgrades:

  • None