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Eleventy v0.3.4

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@zachleat zachleat released this 11 May 05:31

Eleventy is a simpler Static Site Generator!

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  • Switches --serve mode to use browser-sync. Smarter reloads (and CSS) #119 #120 --serve automatically does a --watch (you don’t need both).
  • --watch now works with passthrough copy files (#83) AND data files (#99).
  • Adds new page.fileSlug variable for easier clean permalinks (#75):
More inputPath => fileSlug examples:       => file
    dir/              => file
Returns parent directory if an `index` template                 => "" (empty)
    dir/             => dir
    dir/  => dir
  • Huge performance boost (switched an unnecessary deep clone to shallow)


Dependency semver Major Version Upgrades:

  • None