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Eleventy is a simpler Static Site Generator!

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  • 🚨🚨🚨 Giant new feature: Use arbitrary JavaScript files as Eleventy data sources. This means you can now fetch and use data at build time! Works with await/async/promises. GraphQL example included 😎 and more at JavaScript Data Files.
  • New feature: return arbitrary object types from eleventyConfig.addCollection. Read more at Collections.
  • New features: adds --passthroughall command line flag to copy and/or process all files in the input directory. Read more at Passthrough Copy
  • Fixed: template/directory specific data files were not monitored for changes when using --watch or --serve. #170
  • Fixed bug with fileSlug not being included on collection item data (was previously only available as page.fileSlug) #197
  • Fixed bug with transforms not running on pagination template output. #199


Dependency Semver Major Updates

  • liquidjs upgraded from ^4.0.0 to ^5.1.0
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