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Eleventy v0.6.0

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@zachleat zachleat released this 25 Nov 19:34
· 1695 commits to master since this release

Eleventy is a simpler Static Site Generator!

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  • Adds support for deep data merging in the data cascade [#147]
  • Adds support for glob patterns with the input command line option, e.g. --input=*.md [#173, #276]
  • Adds firstPageLink and lastPageLink to pagination object [#312]
  • Adds “cool” URL support in pagination object (no index.html files in these) [#285]
    • Documentation
    • nextPageHref
    • previousPageHref
    • firstPageHref
    • lastPageHref
    • hrefs
  • Eleventy errors now correctly exit with an error code. Netlify builds will now fail (and not deploy) if Eleventy errors. [#264]
  • Eleventy now reports the template language in rendering errors (better transparency on markdown files that by default render as Liquid templates) [#291]

Bug fixes

  • Fixes major regression with JSTL templates [#263]
  • Upstream issue with Liquid templates and date objects outputting as strings [#258]
  • Browsersync infinite redirect with empty string pathPrefix: pathPrefix: "" [#302]
  • Fixes bug with returning custom object in eleventyConfig.addCollection [#277]


Dependency Major Release Bumps

liquidjs ^5.1.0 -> ^6.0.0

debug ^3.1.0 -> ^4.0.0

fs-extra ^6.0.1 -> ^7.0.0