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Eleventy v0.7.0

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@zachleat zachleat released this 11 Jan 03:48

Eleventy 馃暁鈿★笍 is a Simpler Static Site Generator.

Documentation at

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  • Local project: npm update @11ty/eleventy
  • Global: npm update -g @11ty/eleventy


  • 馃毃馃毃馃毃 New Template Type: JavaScript Templates 馃毃馃毃馃毃 *.11ty.js #118 #314
    • This is a big one and I鈥檓 pretty excited about it. Use arbitrary JavaScript to build a template file. This allows you to require any arbitrary templating engine and use it in Eleventy 馃槷.
    • Documentation
  • --serve: Pass in your own BrowserSync configuration options #123 #370
  • --watch will now re-run Eleventy if you make any changes in local JavaScript dependencies found in your JavaScript files (JS templates, data files, Eleventy config, et al). #325
  • Error Reporting: full stack trace shown on errors #324
  • Pagination: Use reverse: true to reverse the order of the data set before pagination. #194
  • Transforms: full support for asynchronous transforms. #164
  • Benchmarking: eleventy-benchmark is a regression performance test for multi-version testing of various template types. #114

Bug fixes

  • Mammoth Pull Request from @kleinfreund to fix various bugs with directory path resolution #231 #366
  • .eleventyignore and .gitignore files were assumed to be in the input directory (not the project root). Eleventy now looks in both places #229 #360
  • Particularly embarrassing bug with Liquid Shortcodes having trouble with arguments that contained spaces (e.g. "first name") #347
  • Nunjucks Shortcodes (not Paired) threw an error when no arguments were passed. #372
  • TemplateData Tests improved by @kleinfreund #362
  • Shortcode names weren鈥檛 being namespaced properly #320


Dependency Major Release Bumps

multimatch 2.1 鈫 3.0