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Eleventy 馃暁鈿★笍 v0.8.0: The one that is faster

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@zachleat zachleat released this 05 Apr 02:04

Eleventy is a Simpler Static Site Generator.

v0.8.0 Documentation

Support Eleventy:


  • Install to your Local project (preferred): npm install @11ty/eleventy
  • Already installed in your local project? Upgrade your version: npm update @11ty/eleventy
  • Want to install globally? npm install -g @11ty/eleventy
  • Already installed globally? Upgrade your Global version: npm update -g @11ty/eleventy
  • Read more about local versus global installation


  • PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE Ruthlessly eliminates unnecessary renders for all template languages, build times are improved in v0.8.0. Median benchmark build time improved by up to 45% (Nunjucks) and by 25% (Liquid). Send a tweet to @鈥媏leven_ty to let us know if and how much your build times changed!
  • Adds new directory option for a layouts directory separate from includes. This optional feature was our top requested enhancement. Documentation, fixes #137
  • More robust path joining (handles more edge cases in input/output/includes/data directories) PR from the amazing @kleinfreund! Fixes #376 #337
  • Adds eleventyExcludeFromCollections option to exclude a piece of content from all collections (think templated .htaccess or sitemap.xml files that you don鈥檛 want in collections.all). Documentation, fixes #423
  • Adds addAllPagesToCollections option to pagination. Without this feature, using pagination with tags only adds your first page template to collections. Documentation. Read more discussion at #253

Bug fixes

  • Eleventy鈥檚 --pathprefix command line option was broken. (Configuration API for pathPrefix was working fine.) Fixes #384
  • Eleventy wasn鈥檛 watching and reloading config files correctly. Fixes #340, #450
  • Eleventy wasn鈥檛 processing .eleventyignore files correctly 馃槺. Fixes #403

NPM Audits

  • Bumps handlebars minor version (exposed via npm audit) #424
  • Bumps nunjucks minor version to remove postinstall-build deprecation notice #311

Dependency Major Release Bumps