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Eleventy v1.0.1: It’s Elementary

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@zachleat zachleat released this 18 Apr 19:36
· 8 commits to v1.x since this release

Eleventy v1.0.1 🎈🐀⚡️🕚

This project would not be possible without our lovely community. Thank you to everyone that built something with Eleventy (×524 authors on our web site!), wrote a blog post about Eleventy, contributed code to core or plugins, documentation, asked questions, answered questions, braved The Leaderboards, participated on Discord, filed issues, attended (or organized!) a meetup, said a kind word on Twitter ❤️.

Install or Upgrade

  • Install to your local project: npm install @11ty/eleventy
  • Already installed in your local project? Upgrade your version: npm update @11ty/eleventy
  • Read more about local project versus global installation


  • Performance improvement to lodash/isPlainObject resulted in 28% build time improvement to (and likely made your project speedier too!) #2214 #2219
  • Adds new date: git Last Modified feature to fix issues with Content Dates in production environments #142
  • New default global data: eleventy.version (holds the current version e.g. 1.0.1) and eleventy.generator (for use in <meta name="generator" content="{{ eleventy.generator }}">) #1217 #2293
  • Extra argument to the pagination before callback with current template’s data. #1209
  • Improved error messaging with Transforms and Plugins #646
  • jsdoc Comments for ConsoleLogger class #1914


All bug fix issues can be perused at the GitHub milestone:

Some highlights:

  • #2221 Changes default serverless generated file content to fix bug with encoded path variables in Eleventy Serverless.
  • #2267 Regression with addExtension API and return; in the compile function to skip/ignore a template.
  • #2217 Fix for this.defaultRenderer is not a function error when using an async function with addExtension’s compile
  • #1313 When your config file throws an error, Eleventy would sometimes still process data files when using --version and --help.
  • #2298 Bug with front matter in layouts
  • #2278 Obscure bug with passthrough copy and --incremental mistakenly creating a file instead an output folder
  • #2145 Fix to allow setting a layout via addGlobalData configuration API
  • #2179 Fix addGlobalData configuration API to execute once per build

Major Version Dependency Upgrades

There are no major version dependency updates between 1.0.1 and 1.0.0.


First-time GitHub contributions from @vseventer

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