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🌌 A Node.js console REPL with object inspection and many other features


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🌌 A Node.js console REPL with object inspection
Coded with ❤️ by Eleven Ways.

Janeway showcase

Hex viewer

Version 0.3.0 facilitates Buffer inspecting with a built-in hex viewer:

Buffer hex viewer


Install it for use in your own application:

npm install janeway

Or use it globally:

npm install -g janeway


  • Interactive command line, that always has focus
  • Autocomplete
  • Output is clickable. Variables can be inspected, just like in the browser
  • Selected variables can be copied to clipboard

Use it globally

Start your applications like so:

janeway my_js_file.js

Use as standalone

If you just want to give it a go, try out the start.js file in Janeway's main folder:

node start.js

Use in your application

You can load Janeway like this:

var Janeway = require('janeway');

// Janeway will take over the screen only when you call start
Janeway.start(function started() {


The screen automatically scrolls down when a new line is pushed (unless you've scrolled the screen manually). You can disable this like so:

Janeway.scroll_down = false;


By default Janeway will add an uncaughtException handler.

It simple re-throws the error to circumvent blessed's one, which would hide the error message and stacktrace.

As soon as you add another listener, Janeway will ignore uncaught exceptions and let you handle them.

You can also let Janeway simply print out errors, instead of closing:

Janeway.shutdown_on_exception = false;

This is not recomended, but can be useful during development.

Set terminal title

You can set the terminal's title with this Janeway method:

Janeway.setTitle('My beautiful title');

When the application exits the title will be restored. You can also manually unset the title with an explicit false as parameter:


Set statusbar

Since version 0.2.0 Janeway also has a statusbar at the bottom of the screen. This can be used for shorter, text-only messages of medium importance.

Janeway.setStatus('This is the statusbar!');

By default Janeway will add {right} blessed tags, which causes the text to be rendered on the right side of the screen. You can also use other blessed tags in your text.

Janeway will also return a Status object. In case you plan on creating some kind of spinner there, it is best to update it like this:

var spinner;

// Some crappy code just to show how status setText works
var id = setInterval(function spinnerInterval() {

    var spintext;

    if (!spinner) {
        spinner = Janeway.setStatus();

    i += 10;

    spintext = Janeway.Blast.Bound.String.multiply('*', Math.ceil(i/10));
    spintext += Janeway.Blast.Bound.String.multiply(' ', Math.ceil((100-i)/10));


    if (i == 100) {
}, 500);

This is done because (in a later version) status messages are stored in an array so you can see a history of them.


Since version 0.2.1 an indicator area has been added to the topright corner, you can add one like this:

var indicator = Janeway.addIndicator({icon: '{red-fg}◉{/red-fg}'});

// Change the icon

// Set a hover text
indicator.setHover('This is some hovertext');

// Remove the indicator again

Since version 0.3.4 indicators can also act like menus:

var file_menu = Janeway.addIndicator('File');

// Add an item and a callback
file_menu.addItem('Quit', function onClick(e, config) {

Copy to clipboard

At the top of the screen there is a menubar, currently it only contains 1 button: "Copy".

When you click this, the currently selected element will be copied into the clipboard. Objects will be JSON-ified using JSON-Dry.

Because the dependency that handled clipboard support is abandoned, clipboard support is currently not available. Instead, the data will be stored in a file in ~/.janeway/clipboard.json

Stored configuration

You can store your configuration in ~/.janeway/janeway.js or ~/.janeway/janeway.json.

These are currently the default values:

    "autocomplete" : {

        // Set to false to turn autocomplete off
        "enabled" : true,

        // The height of the autocomplete popup
        "height"  : 6
    "scroll": {
        // How much should be scrolled when using the mousewheel
        "step": 5,
    // When using janeway to start a script
    "execbin": {
        // Evaluate the files? (If false, then they are executed using `require`)
        "evaluate_files": false

    // Keyboard shortcuts
    "shortcuts": {
        // Exit on "Control+c"
        "exit": ['C-c']

    // Settings for the caller info (time & file info at the start of a line)
    caller_info: {

        // Maximum stack size to get
        stack_size: 6,

        // How long the filename can be before it's truncated
        max_filename_length: 10,

        // The minimum length of the info item, after which it is padded with spaces
        min_length: 25

    // output is the main output screen in the middle
    "output" : {

        // Main scrollbar style
        "scrollbar": {
            "bg" : "blue"

        // General output style
        "style" : {
            "bg" : "transparent",
            "fg" : "white"

    // when inspecting properties
    properties: {
        // See if 2 objects are alike, in order to deduplicate log line
        alike_objects  : false,

        // The format to use when showing a date
        date_format    : 'D Y-m-d H:i:s',

        // Print out getter values by default? (Or show "...")
        show_get_value : false,

        // Sort the properties alphabetically by key
        sort           : true

    // String placeholders
    strings: {
        ellipsis : '…',

        // The gutters (icons used at the start of each line)
        // Using newer emojis is not recommended: the terminal library
        // used by janeway doesn't properly support them
        gutters: {
            // Fancy >
            input   : '\u276f ',

            // Fancy <
            output  : '\u276e ',

            // Skull
            error   : '\u2620 Error:',

            // Warning sign
            warning : '\u26a0 ',

            // Circled small letter i
            info    : '\u24D8 '

    // cli is the inputbox on the bottom
    "cli" : {
        "style" : {
            "bg" : "white",
            "fg" : "blue"

        // Unselect open items on return
        "unselect_on_return": true

    // the statusbar on the bottom
    status : {
        enabled : true,
        style   : {
            bg: "grey",
            fg: "white"
        time    : {
            enabled: true,
            fg     : 'yellow',
            bg     : null,

    // The behaviour of the "Copy JSON" button
    copy_json: {
        enabled : true,
        title   : 'Copy JSON',

        // Try to copy to clipboard?
        try_clipboard: true,

        // If true, will dump into your `.janeway/clipboard.json` file.
        // If it's a string, will dump to that path
        dump_to_file : true,

    // popups, also used by autocomplete
    "popup" : {
        "scrollbar": {
            "bg" : "green"
        "border": {
            "type" : "line"
        "style": {
            "bg": "blue",
            "fg": "white"
        "shadow": true,

    // menubar
    "menu" : {
        // This style only applies to unused parts and indicators
        "style": {
            "bg": "white"
        "button": {
            "bg"    : "white",
            "fg"    : 235,
            "focus" : {
                "bg" : "red",
                "fg" : 249
            "hover" : {
                "bg": "red",
                "fg": 249

    // indicators
    "indicator": {
        "style": {
            "bg": 240,
            "fg": 231,


    "cli_history": {

        // Amount of lines to save
        "save"      : 100,

        // Use title in filename?
        "per_title" : true


Janeway is developed at Eleven Ways, a team of IAAP Certified Accessibility Specialists.




🌌 A Node.js console REPL with object inspection and many other features




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