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Bulk Paper Wallets

Create Bulk Bitcoin or Litecoin Paper Wallets

  • Generate large number of paper wallets
  • Possible to use different amounts for each wallet (via commandline or CSV import)
  • Possible to use an offline computer
  • Derives all private keys for wallet from one masterkey. So you will be able to restore a wallet if someone lost his wallet. Off course this has some security and trust implications.
  • Uses easy to design Jinja2 template. Use default one provided or update to your own needs


Uses the BitcoinLib Python Bitcoin Library

pip install bitcoinlib

And libraries to generate PDF paper wallets with Jinja template markup and QR code's

pip install qrcode pdfkit jinja2

And the libraries to generate a PDF from HTML (see for other OS):

apt install wkhtmltopdf

And if you get PIL or Image errors

pip install image

Usage reference

Use from commandline with python

usage: [-h] [--wallet-name WALLET_NAME] [--network NETWORK]
                        [--outputs [OUTPUTS [OUTPUTS ...]] | --outputs-import
                        OUTPUTS_IMPORT] [--outputs-repeat OUTPUTS_REPEAT]
                        [--wallet-remove WALLET_REMOVE] [--print]
                        [--passphrase-strength PASSPHRASE_STRENGTH]
                        [--list-wallets] [--wallet-info]
                        [--recover-wallet-passphrase RECOVER_WALLET_PASSPHRASE]
                        [--test-pdf] [--style STYLE] [--template TEMPLATE]
                        [--image-size IMAGE_SIZE] [--fee-per-kb FEE_PER_KB]

Create Bulk Paper Wallets

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --wallet-name WALLET_NAME, -w WALLET_NAME
                        Name of wallet to create or open. Used to store your
                        all your wallet keys and will be printed on each paper
  --network NETWORK, -n NETWORK
                        Specify 'bitcoin', 'litecoin', 'testnet' or other supported
  --outputs [OUTPUTS [OUTPUTS ...]], -o [OUTPUTS [OUTPUTS ...]]
                        List of output values. For example '-o 1 2 3' creates
                        3 wallets with a value of 1, 2 and 3 bitcoin
  --outputs-import OUTPUTS_IMPORT, -f OUTPUTS_IMPORT
                        Filename of comma seperated value list of output
                        values and optional wallet names. Example: 1.51, John
  --outputs-repeat OUTPUTS_REPEAT, -r OUTPUTS_REPEAT
                        Repeat the outputs OUTPUTS_REPEAT times. For example
                        ' -o 5 -r 10' will create 10 wallets
                        with 5 bitcoins
  --wallet-remove WALLET_REMOVE
                        Name of wallet to remove, all keys and related
                        information will be deleted
  --print, -p           Print wallets, skip check for funds on input address
  --passphrase-strength PASSPHRASE_STRENGTH
                        Number of bits for passphrase key
  --list-wallets, -l    List all known wallets in BitcoinLib database
  --wallet-info, -i     Show wallet information
  --recover-wallet-passphrase RECOVER_WALLET_PASSPHRASE
                        Passphrase - sequence of words - to recover and
                        regenerate a previous wallet
  --test-pdf            Generate a single preview PDF paper wallet. Contains
                        dummy keys
  --style STYLE, -s STYLE
                        Specify style sheet file
  --template TEMPLATE, -t TEMPLATE
                        Specify wallet template html file
  --image-size IMAGE_SIZE
                        Image size factor in paper wallets
  --fee-per-kb FEE_PER_KB, -k FEE_PER_KB
                        Fee in Satoshi's per kilobyte

Example: Create paper wallets

Create 2 paper wallets with 0.01 bitcoin and 0.001 bitcoin:

$ python -o 0.001 0.01

CREATE wallet 'Bulk Paper Wallet' (bitcoin network)

Your mnemonic private key sentence is: tide dirt obscure round demand engine nominee destroy swamp smile board decrease

Please write down on paper and backup. With this key you can restore all paper wallets if something goes wrong
during this process. You can / have to throw away this private key after the paper wallets are distributed.

Type 'yes' if you understood and wrote down your key:

Now write down the private key sentence on a piece of paper and confirm

Estimated fee is for this transaction is 0.00060000 BTC
Total value of outputs is 0.01100000 BTC

Not enough funds in wallet to create transaction.
Please transfer 0.01160000 BTC to address 1Cg7pnT1Ympu4LnmF3s58VEnRhAJZjLnRK and restart this program.
You can find a QR code in wallets/8-input-address-qrcode.png

Copy-n-paste the address or scan the QR code with your favorite wallet and send the coins.

Restart the program with the same options:

$ python -o 0.001 0.01

Open wallet 'Bulk Paper Wallet' (bitcoin network)
Estimated fee is for this transaction is 0.00060000 BTC
Total value of outputs is 0.01100000 BTC

Enough input(s) to spent found, create wallets and transaction
Raw Transaction: raw b'010000000 .... 88ac00000000'

Generate wallet 74
Loading page (1/2)
Printing pages (2/2)
Generate wallet 75
Loading page (1/2)
Printing pages (2/2)
A total of 2 paper wallets have been created

Transaction pushed to the network, txid: 0177ac29fa8b2960051321c730c6f15017503aa5b9c1dd2d61e7286e366fbaba
Paper wallets can be found in the wallets directory

Paper wallets are now funded and ready to use. Print and store in a safe location.


The BitcoinLib Python Bitcoin Library and this repository are still in development state.

Please use at your own risk, known what you are doing and test first with small amounts and a test network.


Create Bulk Paper Wallets







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