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1 2 3 Completed website

this is a port of an eclipse project, for the 1 2 3 Completed website. pull requsets will only be allowd for 1 2 3 Completed members, or co-developers.

project structure

the project contains 3 main modules, each with a definitive purpose:

  • build: contains (windows) shell scripts for building the sources as preperation for local deployment, or staging.
  • resources: has various resources used during the development.
  • WebContent: is the folder representing the deployed sources on the server.


this project relay on the following:

  • Jaxer: an AJAX server (relaying on an Apache instance), for the local deployment, as means of staging the website prior to remote deployment. it can be downloaded from my dropbox.
  • YUI compressor: required for script minification (mandatory for remote deployment), you can download it at yahoo!'s YUI libraries.

configuration / build

it's highly reccomended to download and install the aptana studio plugin for eclipse. it has an embedded Jaxer, and will allow running the website during development with no build required (any other preview server will, of course, work too).

the build.bat file is the entry point for the build process, it's serving several purposes:

  1. copy files from the WebContent folder to the external Jaxer's public folder.
  2. update all URL references by trimming the '123completed-website/WebContent/ prefix.
  3. pass all relevent JavaScript / CSS scripts through a script minifier / obfuscuator (optional).
  4. copy files from the Jaxer's public folder to a backup folder on the hard drive (optional).

in order to use the backup option of the build script, you must create a local backup directory with the following structure:

|   |
|   \---123completed-site-deployment

before using the build.bat, you must configure set-env.bat by editing the following environment variables:

  • SRC=[your\workspace\path]\123completed-website\WebContent
  • JAXER_WORK_DIR=[your\external\Jaxer\path]\Jaxer\public
  • BACKUP_DIR=[your\backup\directory\path]
  • YUI_COMP_HOME=[your\YUIcompressor\installation\path]\yuicompressor-2.4.7\build\yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar


the workflow will include three cycles:

  • development: altering the sources, and running them using a preview server.
  • staging: activating the build.bat process with the desired parameters ('deploy minify' is the default), and running on the external Jaxer instance.
  • deployment: using an FTP client (notepad++ has one, the aptana plugin for eclipse provides one, or you can use the fine FileZilla) to deploy sources from the Jaxer public folder to the remote host at http://www.123completed.com(:21). user name and password will be supplied for authored parties.

issue tracking

to submit bugs, feature requests, patches, or to open new issues, please refer to this github account's issues list. note that issues are tagged with 'P' labels for prioritizing, and 'T' labels for issue type, please label new issues when filing them.


Eliran Malka

contact info