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Gateway to Legend Version 0.10.0 Beta has now been released! The sucsessor to the first big public beta release comes with all planned map-making features implemented. Some features have not been completed yet, such as skills, and map-packs have not been finished yet. In most cases, walking off into areas not created will either duplicate previous areas or give a glitchy map to play on. In the final game, no map-packs released with the game will have these problems, although map-packs made improperly will.

Changes from v0.9.0b:

  • Added proper dying handling
  • Added mouse support to menus
  • Added proper transition screen when loading a game
  • Added a new event tile - Boss Door: When the boss assigned to that screen dies, all Boss Doors open for good.
  • Reorganized event tiles to insert the Boss Door after the other doors

Two bugs have been noticed so far:

  • Linux: After the movement part of an Animation script has completed, the game crashes.
  • Linux: After quitting the game, cleanup will crash the game (essentially unnoticeable, but I'm still fixing it)

Download GatewayToLegend.zip if you are a Windows 7+ user.
Download GatewayToLegendbin.zip if you are a Linux/GNU or Mac user, a power user, or just want to easily download the source.