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## Configure Firewalld Zone for inbound access for 128T related protocols
## contains all ports and protocols that can be used for management, monitoring, HA, etc.
## This state requires no pillar variables
## 128T communication is needed for inbound to the conductor and between HA Peers
Setup 128T communication service:
- name: '128t-comms'
- ports:
- 930/tcp
## Salt Master is needed for inbound to the conductor
Setup Salt Master service:
- name: 'salt-master'
- ports:
- 4505/tcp
- 4506/tcp
## Zookeeper is needed between HA Peers. Should eventually use just port 930, but additional ports needed for now
Setup Zookeeper service:
- name: 'zookeeper'
- ports:
- 2222/tcp
- 2223/tcp
## NetConf is needed for direct NetConf calls. Often used by Robot and other test suites
Setup NetConf service:
- name: netconf
- ports:
- 830/tcp
Setup 128T firewalld zone:
- name: t128
- services:
- https
- ssh
- 128t-comms
- salt-master
- netconf
- zookeeper
## Need to run this manually until we migrate to Salt 2018.3.0 which can configure this in firewalld.present
- name: 'firewall-cmd --zone=t128 --set-target=DROP --permanent'