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  1. Make sure you have Hugo installed.

  2. Fork this repo.

  3. Execute hugo new articles/ in your terminal. A content/articles/ file will be created with some placeholder content, like this:

    title: "Test"
    description: A short description for the post.
    date: 2018-12-27T09:55:11+07:00
    tags: [max, three, tags]
    images: [/img/articles/default-thumb-1200-630.jpg]
        name: Your Name
        github: github_username
    draft: true
  4. Update your file. The post can be previewed with hugo serve.

  5. Once you're happy with your post, commit the file and create a PR.

Post format

Before creating a post, make sure you know how to use Markdown.


Variable Description
title The post title.
description The post description.
date The post date, it will be generated automatically. A date is specified in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS +/-TTTT.
tags One or multiple tags can be added to a post. We recommend you to add maximum 3 tags per post.
images The featured image. Although it's defined as an array (YAML array), you just need to add one image. It should be placed in the same folder with post content. Eg /articles/my-awesome-post/images/
author Please provide your name and your github_username. We'll use them to generate the author information for each post.
draft Set to true if you don't want a specific post to show up when the site is generated.



If you want to embed things such as Codepen, Gist, Youtube, please use Hugo Shortcode instead of insert the raw HTML. Beside the built-in shortcodes that Hugo're supporting, we also add a list of custom shortcodes here

Don't find your shortcodes? create a pull request now!