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Culture musings and wisdom is a content library created by team to spread the knoweledge about psychology and data science
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Culture musings and wisdom

This open source work is supported by

Culture musings and wisdom is a content library created by team to spread the knoweledge about psychology and data science.

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What does this project do and why is this project useful?

  • to increase knowledge sharing & learnings of applied psychological research
  • to increase data literacy
  • to show how collaboration between research & data science can contribute to solving real-life problem
  • to entertain people who are psyched about psychology, data science and people analytics at least 1% as much as we are :)
  • to encourage data-driven decision-making processes to help leaders and managers make better and more informed decision
  • to encourage & empower you to build the best culture ever!

How do I get started?

We started with a few topics that we like to explore and learn about the most. However, we dream big, and wish for this library to become a temple of knowledge around psychology, teams, organisational design, data science, people analytics, leadership, and anything around it. As you will notice some topics are covered a bit more in depth than others. This is because we want this library to also grow outside of Bunch. We want it to be alive and never stop growing. So we welcome you to read, comment, add, change, and develop this project further with us :).

Contribution Guide

Our Pledge & Standards

We support and nurture psychologically safe environment. This means anyone can contribute to this project, regardless of level of knowledge or experience. We pledge to make this community a welcoming one for everyone, regardless of any demographic characteristics, or personal appearance.

To enable this kind of community we want you to:

  • be respectful of differing viewpoints and experience
  • open to constructive criticism (we hope you are here to learn from or teach others :))
  • show empathy towards other community members



Leadership & Management


People Analytics

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