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don't be creepy.
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not Analytics

don't be creepy.


git clone
cd not-analytics
vim app.rb # <-- Don't forget to use your own app ID
mkdir -p db/
rackup -o -p PORT

Use your own app ID (any randomly generated string) for the hash in App#app_id_valid?

def app_id_valid?
  { "14b6a51577c125505e0524226783c895" => true }.fetch(app_id, false)

Warning: Having app_id_valid? return true for arbitrary user input introduces a security vulnerability. See db_path to understand why.

Recording hits

For every hit you want to track, send a request to the metrics server.

For example, to register a hit to /12joan/not-analytics, send the following request.

Please filter out query parameters before pinging the metrics server.

Perusing data

Hits are logged to db/app_id.yml with a resolution of one hour

$ cat db/14b6a51577c125505e0524226783c895.yml 
Wed  6 Nov 2019 09:00:
  "/about/us": 12
  "/": 31
Wed  6 Nov 2019 10:00:
  "/": 11
Wed  6 Nov 2019 11:00:
  "/": 2
  "/about/us": 2


Consider linking to this GitHub repo in your privacy policy, so that users can see for themselves how their data is collected.

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