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Keep your bookmarks front, center, and accessible.
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tabbi - your (new) new tab

Keep your bookmarks right at your fingertips. A new-tab replacement, tabbi organizes your bookmarks into boards for easy access whatever you're doing.

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  1. Description
  2. Installation


Bookmark Focused

You'll never have to look for a link you saved again. Tabbi is a bookmark manager first and foremost, a great utility for people looking to save links. Organize your links into boards, and give them tags.

Use Anywhere

Tabbi is primarily used as a chrome extension, but is also available as a web app. Go to to start using it anywhere today. Set it as your home page so it shows up as intended!


Tabbi can sync your bookmarks in your Google Drive's appdata folder. This allows it to sync between any number of devices, giving you access to your bookmarks wherever you are.

No Accounts

You don't need an account for Tabbi - in fact, it runs completely serverless. Your data exists in your browser, and in your google drive. Nowhere else.


  • Open Lists - Tabbi lets you open entire lists of links at a time.
  • Filtering - The Filter Bar lets you filter tags by name, board, or tag. Hit Enter to open all filtered links.
  • Session Saving - Using the chrome extension? Save all of your open tabs into a special board called a "session" for easy access later.



  1. Clone Repo
  2. Run npm install to get dependencies.
  3. Use npm run local to run uncompiled.
  4. Use npm run build to compile app.


  1. Install on the Chrome Store


  1. Use the web app:


  1. Use the web app:
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