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Added a bit of documentation to the acts_as_restful method.

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1 parent 48332ec commit 91f8ab72c4250e93261334be95bbd74ae61b2658 @treybean treybean committed Feb 18, 2010
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1 lib/acts_as_restful_list.rb
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ module ClassMethods
# +acts_as_restful_list+ makes the class it is called on automatically behave like an
# ordered list. There are a number of options you can set:
# * +column+: The column to use as the position column. It's set to position by default.
+ # * +scope+: The column to scope the list to. It takes a symbol with our without the _id.
def acts_as_restful_list(options = {})
include InstanceMethods

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