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MIDI Biodata Sonification system

This repository was originally a fork of, but is now maintained seperately by electronics.

Here you find the hardware and enclosure design files for the MIDI Biodata Sonification Devices produced by electronics.

  • enclosures: contains FreeCAD design and STL files for the enclosure
  • firmware:
    • MIDI_Psychogalv_328p_v021: unmodified firmware from electricityforprogress/MIDIsprout
    • MIDI_Psychogalv_328p_13-37.org_v2.0: firmware for MIDI Biodata Sonification Device by electronics
  • kicad: hardware design as KiCAD project and Gerber files

The hardware design and firmware is based on the work of electricityforprogress and thus licensed under the MIT license.

The enclosure design is however licensed under CC0 (public domain), except for the logo which is under copyright of DipthDesign. For private use, anyone is free to print the enclosure with logo and without permission.

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