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A live h264 player for the browser (ideal for raspberrypi / raspicam )
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This is a very simple h264 video player (that can run on live stream) for your browser. You might use this with raspicam raw h264 stream. This is a player around Broadway Decoder, with very simple API. NAL unit (h264 frames) are split on the server side, transported using websocket, and sent to the decoded (with frame dropping, if necessary)

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  • I was targetting a real-time camera video feedback (no audio/surveillance cam) in the browser
  • There is no solution for "real time" mp4 video creation / playback (ffmpeg, mp4box.js, mp4parser - boxing takes time)
  • Media Source Extension is a dead end (mp4 boxing is far too hard to re-create on the client side)
  • Broadway provide the crazy emscripten/asm build of a h264 encoder accelerated by webGL canvas
  • Here is all the glue we need, enjoy ;-)


git clone player
cd player
npm install

node server-rpi.js    # run on a rpi for a webcam demo
node server-static.js # for sample video (static) file delivery
node server-tcp.js    # for a remote tcp (rpi video feed) sample
node server-ffmpeg    # usefull on win32 to debug the live feed (use ffmpeg & your directshow device / webcam) 

# browse to for a demo player


  • Broadway h264 Decoder can only work with h264 baseline profile
  • Use a SANE birate
  • Browserify FTW
  • Once you understand how to integrate the server-side, feel free to use h264-live-player npm package in your client side app (see vendor/)
  • Use uws (instead of ws) as websocket server


Keywords / shout box

raspberry, mp4box, h264, nal, raspivid, mse, media source extension, iso, raspicam, bitrate, realtime, video, mp4, ffmpeg, websocket, ws, "Let's have a beer and talk in Paris"

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