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micro message broker for nodejs
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High performance, micro JSON streaming message broker for v8. ubk use ES8 async/await design (backed on co/eventemitter-co

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Key features

  • Exupery style. (You will not make it any smaller or simplier)
  • Broker support application (backend)
  • pub/sub pattern
  • RCP support (asynchronious procedure calls)
  • Reflection API (list connected clients)

Server API

  • Server implement EventEmitter API. .register_cmd(ns, command, callback) subscribe for a specific message in NS, callback is callback(client, query)

.broadcast(ns, cmd, payload)

  • send a payload message to all connected clients
  • emit local event "ns:cmd"


Broadcast messages are forwarded into the EventEmitter dispatcher

  • "base:registered_client"
  • "base:unregistered_client"

Base (internal) messages

"base:ping" , send periodicaly to all client to check for a living connection *payload : none "base:registered_client", broadcasted to all client on new client registration *payload : client "base:unregistered_client", broadcasted to all clients on client disconnection *payload : client

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