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Statistical Analysis of Molecular Profile
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DESCRIPTION statTarget Nov 18, 2016 Update Apr 5, 2019


GitHub release GitHub release GitHub release GitHub release GitHub release

For details and latest version see

Package vignettes: Vignettes

Reference manual: Manual

Demo data: Data

Example reports: Reports

Binary Package:

New features

'ref.peaks' was implemented into QCRFSC for condisering the possibility of correlations of errors between features, as well as the batch effect. It is adaptable to small datasets with few quality control samples. See shiftCor function.


Please cite the following article when using statTarget or QC-RFSC algorithm:

Luan H., Ji F., Chen Y., Cai Z. (2018) statTarget: A streamlined tool for signal drift correction and interpretations of quantitative mass spectrometry-based omics data. Analytica Chimica Acta. dio:

Luan H., Ji F., Chen Y., Cai Z. (2018) Quality control-based signal drift correction and interpretations of metabolomics/proteomics data using random forest regression. bioRxiv 253583; doi:

System requirements

Dependent on R (>= 3.3.0)

If you did not install the R software yet,you can download R >= 3.3.0 from


Install “statTarget2” at the Bioconductor

if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE))
BiocManager::install("statTarget", version = "3.9") 

Install the version of "statTarget2" at Github. copy this code into R





IMPORTANCE: for mac PC, XQuartz instead of X11 support should be installed for the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Download it from

RGTK2 is a binding for R to the GTK2 library and dependent libraries, and a multi-platform package for creating graphical user interfaces. If you have any problems about RGTK2 installation, see the related installation information for R and GTK on Windows/Mac OS at

We recommend the R 3.3.0 and RGtk2 2.20.31 for mac OS paltform. The R 3.3.0 and RGtk2 2.20.31 sailed through the test. If you have multiple versions of R framework installed, RSwitch - a small GUI that allows you to switch between R versions quickly. Download it from

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