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Back in the Age of Heroes, GSquire would carry thy armor and sword, would get thy lordship dressed and accompany in battle. He would fight side by side with those who stood brave against the toughest of the foes. These were good times to be alive.

Then a swift, strange, wind blew upon this land and everything we knew was washed away and replaced by something new. All we used to know about living, eating, singing and smiling was made anew. Not everyone could handle that, many were forced into this. Those who were born during this time, never knew how was the world before.

Some received this wind as a blessing from gods, others deemed it cursed. The only agreement was in calling it Web 2.0.

Really, WTF is this?

GSquire is a Google Tasks squire. More explicitly, it is one more fucking tool to handle all the fucking data. Its main purpose is to export/import tasks across accounts and as a side effect it has powers to create, read, update and delete those tasks too.

A commandline interface is provided and can be used to dump tasklists to files also to import them on another account. It also has commands to create, read, update and delete tasks and tasklists, so you feel a real hacker reading and writing stuff on a black screen.

Lastly, and of course, it can be used as a library.

Now you should be aware that you could come up with very creative ways to write and manage a shitload more of data, and everyone is expected to do it, right?

Remember kids: data, like Ubik, is everywhere. Take as directed and do not exceed recommended dosage.

I want to deal with a shitload more of data

  • Instantiate an {GSquire::Application#initialize Application} and access its accounts (instance attribute)
  • Access the {GSquire::Accounts#authorize_url authorization url} and {GSquire::Accounts#authorize! add} an account
  • Embrace and {GSquire::Accounts#[] hold} that account
  • Keep pushing the {GSquire::Client#create_task bright}, {GSquire::Client#create_tasklist shiny}, {GSquire::Client#delete_tasklist colorful}, {GSquire::Client#task tasty}, {GSquire::Client#tasklist nice}, {GSquire::Client#tasklists chuncky bacon}, {GSquire::Client#tasks pretty} and {GSquire::Client#update_tasklist amazing} buttons!

I want to deal with a shitload more of data from a black screen

  • Turn off the lights (enhances special effects)
  • Take the red pill (special effects begin)
  • As fast as you can, type gsquire help