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coolForm v2

coolForm is a CSS library, built with Less and compatible with Bootstrap 3, that makes form fields look nicer and uniform in all major browsers.

To learn more, visit http://coolform.13ugman.com/

Just native elements

coolForm simply gives style to native HTML elements. Forget about fake controls!

Based on Bootstrap

coolForm v2 was conceived to be compatible with Bootstrap 3. To accomplish this, coolForm v2's source code includes part of Bootstrap 3's source code. What part? Just the essential to style forms. Therefore, you can use coolForm v2 with or without Bootstrap. It works well either way!

Browser compatibility

coolForm v2 works in all major browsers. The exception that proves the rule is legacy Internet Explorer, as usual.

While coolForm works fully perfect in IE10 and IE11, IE9 is not that cool and will render selects with the native dropdown arrow. Also keep in mind that CSS3 transitions are not supported in IE9.

In a nutshell, the cool browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, IE10+ (IE9 is almost completely cool), Safari and Opera.


How to use coolForm standalone. No need to use Bootstrap with this option, as it includes Bootstrap's essential code to style forms.

With Bootstrap

How to use coolForm as an extension for Bootstrap 3. Make the most of coolForm combining it with the most popular front-end framework.


If working with coolForm's source code is your choice, you can customize the styling of your forms by modifying the value of Less variables. Find out more at http://coolform.13ugman.com/customization/

Copyright and license

Copyright 2017 13ugman. Code released under the MIT license.