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PS3 Disc Dumper

This is a small utility to make decrypted copies of the PS3 game discs, suitable for use in emulators.

It does require a compatible blu-ray drive and existence of a matching disc key to work.


  • Compatible blu-ray drive
  • Disc must have decryption key, either in redump database or in the IRD Library
  • For binary release you might need to install .NET prerequisites
    • See Supported OS versions and Dependencies sections in documentation

How to use

  1. Put ps3-disc-dumper executable in any folder
    • On Linux make the file executable (via Properties > Permissions or via console command $ chmod +x ./ps3-disc-dumper)
  2. Start the dumper
  3. Follow the instructions
    • On Linux you may need to confirm auto-mount or to mount the disc manually (either through file manager or via console command $ mount)

By default all files will be copied in the folder where the dumper is, you can select different location in Settings.

If you have custom key or IRD file, you can put it in local cache (see Settings for exact location).

Logs can be found in Settings at the bottom.


Windows 11

Screenshot running on Windows 11

Fedora 39

Screenshot running on Fedora 38


  • To compile the solution, you will need to have .NET 8.0 SDK installed on your machine.
  • It is recommended to use JetBrains Raider, Visual Studio, or VS Code for development.
    • On Linux select the Linux configuration to prevent various issues due to Windows-specific dependencies.
    • You can build for both Windows and Linux on Windows (you can test Linux build with WSL2 or with a Linux VM).