A handy utility to make decrypted PS3 disc dumps
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PS3 Disc Dumper

This is a small utility to make decrypted copies of the PS3 game discs, suitable for use in emulators.

It does require a compatible blu-ray drive and a matching IRD file to work.


There are different versions available on the download page for releases, so here's a list:

  • ps3-disc-dumper.net472.exe - this is .NET version that requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 to run
  • ps3-disc-dumper.exe - native x64 Windows binary, only requires VC++ 2017 Redistributable to run
  • ps3-disc-dumper or ps3-disc-dumper.elf - native Linux binary, only requires setting the executable bit to run
  • ps3-disc-dumper.gz or ps3-disc-dumper.elf.gz - the same native Linux binary, but gzipped to save on download size, requires unzipping and setting the execution bit afterwards
  • running from sources using .NET Core SDK 2.1 or newer requires cloning this repository (or downloading a source package from the Releases section), and .NET Core SDK to be installed

How to use

  1. Put ps3-disc-dumper executable in the folder you want your dumps to be in
  2. Insert a PS3 disc in the compatible drive
  3. On Linux open terminal in the folder where you put the binary
    1. $ gzip -d ps3-disc-dumper.gz to unpack the binary if needed
    2. $ chmod +x ps3-disc-dumper make it executable
    3. Mount the disc (either through file manager or manually $ mount it to /media/...)
  4. Start the dumper
  5. Wait for it to complete

By default all files will be copied in the folder where the dumper was started from (.\[BLUS12345] Game Title\).

You can pass an optional parameter with the path if you want to dump in a custom location. This is mostly useful when ran from sources with $ dotnet run.

If you have custom IRD file that is not available in the IRD Library, you can put it in local cache (.\ird\ on Windows, ~/.config/ps3-disc-dumper/ird/ on Linux).

Logs can be found in /logs/ on Windows or in ~/.config/ps3-disc-dumper/logs/ on Linux.


  • Compatible blu-ray drive
  • Disc must have a matching IRD file
  • For binary release you might need to install .NET Core prerequisites
    • See Supported OS versions and .NET Core dependencies sections in documentation
  • For source release you will need to have .NET Core 2.1 SDK installed on your machine