Minimalistic Wordpress boilerplate theme.
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A truly copy & paste Wordpress boilerplate theme.

Fourteen is a clean boilerplate theme that gives you a headstart in your Wordpress theme, without making you spend too much time removing stuff. The idea is that you should spend time adding functionality on top this theme rather than removing things you won’t use.

For instance, there is no sidebar, widget locations, etc. There is also no front-end setup here. Gulp or Grunt? Stylus or SASS? That is all up to you, there are no css/ or js/ folders created for you 😋

How to use it

Considering you are in your wp-content/themes/ folder, paste the following in your terminal:

curl -L -o ; unzip

Otherwise simply download the ZIP of this repository and put it in your wp-content/themes/.

From there on it's all yours: make sure to rename the folder, add a few things, etc.

File structure and functions classes

The theme uses PHP5 OOP Classes to break down the functions.php in a more dynamic manner. This way there is no need to prefix your function names anywhere nor check if they exist before writing the actual code. Also gives you a much more maintainable code base.

No more of these ugly checks if ( ! function_exists( ‘function_name’ ) ) : nor old code snippets lying around!

Adding your own function class

Every class inside of /functions/ will be automatically loaded except the ones that are prefixed with '_'.

As of now, it ships with the following folders:

  • admin for admin (back-end) related functionalities.
  • content for content models.
  • structure for content architecture (post types, taxonomy, etc).
  • theme for theme related functionalities.
  • utils for general utilities.

The names or amount of folders don't really matter. Feel free to structure it as you want to.

Full structure:

|-- fourteen
    |-- .editorconfig
    |-- 404.php
    |-- archive.php
    |-- footer.php
    |-- functions.php
    |-- header.php
    |-- index.php
    |-- page.php
    |-- search.php
    |-- single.php
    |-- style.css
    |-- functions
    |   |-- admin
    |       |-- _class-admin-menu.php <- this would NOT be loaded
    |       |-- class-mce.php <- this WOULD be loaded
    |   |-- content
    |   |-- structure
    |   |-- theme
    |   |-- utils
    |-- languages
    |   |-- fourteen.pot
    |-- page-templates
    |-- template-parts
        |-- content-none.php
        |-- content-page.php
        |-- content-search.php
        |-- content-single.php
        |-- content.php

Inspired by _s and from our own private themes.