SitecoreExtension.23Video maps functionality from 23-video-for-sharepoint
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The "23 Video for Sitecore" library provides ui elements for implementing 23 Video into a Sitecore based site. The library is meant to implement the same functionality as "23 Video for Sharepoint" and this is an initial release. The web parts are necessary if you've configured your site to use API authentication for login, in which case the library provides:

  • 23 Video embed - embeds a selected video from your video site / Field Type that list your videos and saves the embed code as raw value.

All web parts are supplied with both source code and project files in the /src directory of the repository, and also an installable distribution from nuget. For installation instructions please read further down.

All web parts rely on the 23 .NET API implementation version 1.1, which furthermore relies on the DotNetOpenAuth library. Please refer to the 23 .NET API implementation for more information about how to use the API to extend application.


  • Sitecore 6.x
  • Sitecore Rocks (for installing Sitecore Items)


  1. Install via nuget install-package SitecoreExtension.23Video on the Sitecore Rocks attached web project.
  2. Create a privileged API account on your video site and save the credentials
  3. Set the following section in your App_Config/Include/SitecoreExtension.23Video.config for the Sitecore solution (insert your domain and credentials where shown in brackets):
  • key="TwentythreeDomain" value="[domain of your video site excluding http://]"
  • key="TwentythreeConsumerKey" value="[API consumer key]"
  • key="TwentythreeConsumerSecret" value="[API consumer secret]"
  • key="TwentythreeAccessToken" value="[API access token]"
  • key="TwentythreeAccessTokenSecret" value="[API access token secret]"
  1. Set the field type TwentythreeVideoEmbed on a template of choice.

Possible improvements

Feel free to contribute!