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+# 1508 CookieRestrictions
+A way of turning cookies on and off to support the regulative (EU 32002L0058)
+By adding the queryparameter allowCookies=on or disallowCookies=on cookies will be disabled or enabled.
+- On the server side a http-module attached to the ResponseEnd event will clear all cookies if they are not enabled
+- On the client side a javascript will wait 1200 milliseconds before clearing all cookies which may have been set via 3rd party javascript includes (such as google analytics)
+- The HttpModule can be configured to work on a limited number of hostnames, just add them as a comma separated list in the app-setting "CookieRestrictions.ValidHostnames"
+- The javascript is placed in \resources\js\CookieRestrictions.js and must be included manualy if needed
+1508 / Design in Love with Technology

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