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Install-Package CookieRestrictions

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commit ead98ae01df1ea9955b9c6b37aa2e9b6fb441bbb 1 parent 01be27c
Jan Hebnes janhebnes authored

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@@ -10,4 +10,6 @@ By adding the queryparameter allowCookies=on or disallowCookies=on cookies will
10 10 - The HttpModule can be configured to work on a limited number of hostnames, just add them as a comma separated list in the app-setting "CookieRestrictions.ValidHostnames"
11 11 - The javascript is placed in \resources\js\CookieRestrictions.js and must be included manualy if needed
12 12
  13 +Install from nuget with "PM> Install-Package CookieRestrictions"
  14 +
13 15 1508 / Design in Love with Technology

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