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This can be used to reorganise photos into directories by date.


This is a command line utility to copy or move files from one location to another location using the metadata in the files to order them into logical directories.

$ reloci current/path/to/files path/to/destination

To see all options use

$ reloci --help

Currently the files will be ordered based on the creation date of the files. Use the dryrun option to check if the planned move/copy matches your expectations.

Additionally there is a second command to view all relevant EXIF tags from a single file, and how they are interpreted by the FileInfo class.

$ reloci_info path/to/a/file.jpg


If desired create a virtual environment then install this package from PyPI

pip install reloci

Setup for development

Create a new virtual env with Python 3.11 and install the requirements:

conda create -n reloci python=3.11 --yes
pip install -e .[test]