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Vrouwenkoor UNLIMITED

GPLv3 Travis Status

This is the website for the Vrouwenkoor UNLIMITED.

Installing cactus

This site uses Cactus to build.

Cactus is a Python program, so Python 2.7 is required. Also pip is used to install cactus. Other packages that are required by cactus are automatically installed. So open a Terminal and run:

pip install cactus

If all goes well cactus can now be used.

To start a local webserver navigate to the repository in the Terminal and run:

cactus serve

You can then point your browser to to view the local version. If you make any changes to the code this should be reflected almost immediently in the local website.


To update the live server use these commands:

cd [path to repository]
rm -rf .build
cactus build
rsync -avz .build/ [username]@[server address]:[path to web root]