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juggling = require('../index')
Schema = juggling.Schema
AbstractClass = juggling.AbstractClass
Validatable = juggling.Validatable
require('./spec_helper').init module.exports
schema = new Schema 'memory'
User = schema.define 'User',
email: String
name: String
password: String
state: String
age: Number
gender: String
domain: String
pendingPeriod: Number
createdByAdmin: Boolean
createdByScript: Boolean
updatedAt: Date
validAttributes =
name: 'Anatoliy'
email: ''
state: ''
age: 26
gender: 'male'
domain: '1602'
createdByAdmin: false
createdByScript: true
getValidAttributes = ->
name: 'Anatoliy'
email: ''
state: ''
age: 26
gender: 'male'
domain: '1602'
createdByAdmin: false
createdByScript: true
it 'should validate presence', (test) ->
User.validatesPresenceOf 'email', 'name'
user = new User
test.ok not user.isValid(), 'User is not valid'
test.ok, 'Attr email in errors'
test.ok, 'Attr name in errors' = 'Anatoliy'
test.ok not user.isValid(), 'User is still not valid'
test.ok, 'Attr email still in errors'
test.ok not, 'Attr name valid' = 'anatoliy@localhost'
test.ok user.isValid(), 'User is valid'
test.ok not user.errors, 'No errors'
test.ok not, 'Attr email valid'
test.ok not, 'Attr name valid'
it 'should allow to skip validations', (test) ->
User.validatesPresenceOf 'pendingPeriod', if: 'createdByAdmin'
User.validatesLengthOf 'domain', is: 2, unless: 'createdByScript'
user = new User validAttributes
test.ok user.isValid()
user.createdByAdmin = true
test.ok not user.isValid()
test.ok user.errors.pendingPeriod.length
user.pendingPeriod = 1
test.ok user.isValid()
user.createdByScript = false
test.ok not user.isValid()
test.ok user.errors.domain.length
user.domain = '12'
test.ok user.isValid()
User.validatesLengthOf 'domain', is: 3, unless: -> @domain != 'xyz'
test.ok user.isValid()
user.domain = 'xyz'
test.ok not user.isValid() # is: 3 passed, but is: 2 failed
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