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AbstractClass.findOne should return null for not found #128

pyramation opened this Issue · 1 comment

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If you use libraries that do any asynchronous flow control, the findOne method can cause some hard-to-find bugs in your code, because no value is passed into the callback for objects not found.

I suggest that null is passed when objects aren't found, so that there is at least a null object returned.


this.all(params, function (err, collection) {
    if (err || !collection || !collection.length > 0) return cb(err);
    cb(err, collection[0]);

but should do:

this.all(params, function (err, collection) {
    if (err) return cb(err);
    if (!collection || !collection.length > 0) return cb(null, null);
    cb(err, collection[0]);

If you are interested, my use-case was the async.waterfall using async.js, and calling Model.findOne(ops, callback) as one function in the array of callbacks

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