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propertyChanged Doesn't work #129

tanema opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The source for the function is this

 function propertyChanged(attr) {
    return this['_' + attr] !== this[attr + '_was'];

However this[attr + '_was'] is never defined so propertychanged always returns true


It will take me a little while to do that, but in the mean time I will put all my details, I was using it in a railwayjs app and I specifically using it in a beforeUpdate callback which I am starting to think might be the actual problem. I am using Mongodb as well with the mongoose adapter


Same for me. Even freshly fetched object already have all fields marked as changed (_attr_was is undefined). Same env — railwayjs + mongoose


It happens because mongoose document have no own properties (it have only setters/getters) so doesn'n execute. The fix could be toObject called on each document somewhere in mongoose adapter.


This works now, not sure when it was fixed. Please reopen ticket is someone still have issues.

@1602 1602 closed this
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