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No schema? #411

jdarling opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I searched for this and couldn't really see an answer to it. Can you use JugglingDB without a schema? Or a way to use it with a minimal schema (must contain at least but can contain more than)?

Basically just use JugglingDB as an abstraction/access layer?


You can't use jugglingdb without schema. Could you please clarify what you mean by minimal schema?


Sure, say I have a "contacts" schema. Minimum I want firstName and lastName, but I don't know what else will be stored to it. So I would like to be able to stuff anything in along with firstName and lastName.

IE: I may have the following object to store even though my schema is only firstName and lastName

  firstName: 'Jeremy',
  lastName: 'Darling',
  githubAccount: 'jdarling'

I also have come across same use cases , is it the same case when using mongo adapter ?


wouldn't that defeat the purpose about nosql being schema-less ?

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