Neo4j adapter not finished? #56

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I'm not sure if this is documented somewhere, but it seems that the neo4j adapter is not actually complete yet.

You can call methods on the adapter itself (through the mixin methods) and those actually take advantage of Neo4j's relationship model. However, if you use the hasMany type helpers it doesn't work properly and instead tries to create and query by node attributes such as it would with Mongo or Redis.

I'm not sure if the architecture allows us to customize the way these helpers work so that we can take advantage of Neo4j's strengths?


Thanks for the reply! Good to know that we read the code correctly :) It's got to be a challenge throwing a graph database in there with those other adapters. Best of luck on getting that working correctly. I wonder if reaching out to the Neo4j community might be beneficial.


Any details or updates on this?


Right now i'm working on repository cleanup and neo4j adapter moved to separate repo, if someone interested in supporting neo4j i will grant write privileges and will do my best to help with development.


Have you moved the neo4j adapter or not yet ?


+1 really interested in it.

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