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Introducing new param state, which allows to specify whether route has push state when used on client-side.

Amends in path handling and url helpers

  • optional params (followed by question mark) handled correctly
  • named params could be filled using object passed to url helpers
  • url helpers could be in camelCase (map.camelCaseHelperNames)

Simplified collection-wide methods for resource, optional controller#action param

Instead of

map.resources('posts', function (post) {
    post.del('destroyAll', 'posts#destroyAll', {collection: true});
    post.put('sort', 'posts#sort', {collection: true});
    post.get('rating', 'posts#getRating');

nicer to do:

map.resources('posts', function (post) {
    post.collection(function (posts) {
    post.get('rating', '#getRating');

Chainable methods

Every method (post, get, put, delete, all) now returns map in order to allow chain calls.

map.get('path', 'ctl#act').post('path/:param', 'ctl#another');

RoutesCollection class

Helpers collection pathTo now instanceof RoutesCollection class, which looks better in stack traces.


Added sub-apps support

Now path helpers inside nested apps returns correct urls:

// bundle express app as nested
app.use('/nested', nestedApp);
// was
nestedAppRoutes.paths.someRoute() // /some/route
// now
nestedAppRoutes.paths.someRoute() // /nested/some/route

Singleton resources

by Olivier Lalonde, adds map.resource:



Additional param to disable appending ".format?"

by Olivier Lalonde:

map.resource('users' , { path: ':username', appendFormat: false });

Will generate the following routes:

GET     /account        account#show
POST    /account        account#create
GET     /account/new    account#new
GET     /account/edit   account#edit
DELETE  /account        account#destroy
PUT     /account        account#update


Support modular railway