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This is simple routing for ExpressJS framework. It allows you to write routes in Ruby on rails 2 style.

Using with Express

After creating app instead of writing code like app.get('smth', doSmth); generate routes like that:

var map = new require('railway-routes').Map(app, handler);
map.namespace('admin', function (admin) {

In this example handler function will called immediately for each route, accepting three args: ns, controller, action and should return method which will me actually called to server request.

For example you have two controllers: posts and admin/users which looks like regular modules:

controllers/posts_controller.js = function (req, res) {

exports.edit = function (req, res) {

exports.destroy = function (req, res) {


same for controllers/admin/users_controller.js

In that case your handler should be:

function handler(ns, controller, action) {
    try {
        var ctlFile = './controllers/' + ns + controller + '_controller';
        var responseHandler =  require(ctlFile)[action];
    } catch(e) {}
    return responseHandler || function (req, res) {
        res.send('Handler not found for ' + ns + controller + '#' + action);


  • resourceful routes
  • generic routes
  • url helpers
  • namespaces
  • custom helper names / paths for resources


Example app

Check out example app to deal with middleware, route handling, and generic routes:

git clone git://
cd railway-routes-example-app
npm install
node app.js
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