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A small console application that checks a Switch's installed contents against a provided versionlist for newer updates, and then writes the titles with newer updates and the latest version to sdmc:/Available-Updates.txt.


  • Grab the latest versionlist.json available from the ReSwitched Discord Server's #versionlist-updates channel, and save it as "versionlist.json" in the same directory as NX-Update-Checker.nro
  • Run the nro with your favorite variation of the HBMenu
  • Watch the pretty text move across the screen
  • Profit(?)


This app was specifically written to parse the versionlists posted in the ReSwitched Discord Server, if you provide a versionlist.json with even a slightly different format it is likely this application will not parse it correctly.


Big thanks to the folks over at the Reswitched Discord that have set up the versionlist bot. Without a nice stream of updated versionlists this wouldn't be feasible.

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