Sliding-Puzzle homebrew game for the 3DS, made with LövePotion.
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Sliding-Puzzle is a homebrew game for the 3DS, made mostly in Lua with LövePotion, and partially with java (for the setup of custom puzzles).


  • 3x3 Slide-Puzzle (Skull Kid Theme)
  • Custom 3x3 Slide-Puzzle (Default Theme/Kirby Theme if CIA)
  • 4x4 Slide-Puzzle (Samus Theme)
  • Custom 4x4 Slide-Puzzle (Default Theme/Pikmin Theme if CIA)
  • 5x5 Slide-Puzzle (Mario and Luigi Theme)
  • Custom 5x5 Slide-Puzzle (Default Theme/Animal Crossing Theme if CIA)
  • Debug 3x3 Slide-Puzzle (Can be enabled from main menu with L+R+B)
  • All puzzle layouts randomized (Every time)
  • Timer to keep track of time (On every puzzle)
  • Jar executable and instructions in each of the custom puzzle folders to set up a custom theme (Folders Custom3x3, Custom4x4, and Custom5x5)


  • 'D-Pad' controls cursor movement on the main menu, when paused, and in every puzzle.
  • 'Start' pauses the current puzzle, and switches to the pause menu on the main menu.
  • 'A' selects an option when in a menu, and moves a puzzle piece (if it can be moved).


  • Sometimes crashes when selecting a puzzle from the main menu (both 3DSX and CIA).

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