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Team 1757 - Wolverines' robot code for the 2017 FIRST STEAMWORKS game challenge. Main robot code is written in Java based off of WPILib's command-based control system. Onboard Arduino code is written in Arduino C.

The code is divided into several packages based off of the command-based structure. All required library blobs are included in the lib/ directory.

Compiled javadocs are in the doc/ directory. Open the doc/index.html file to view it.

Robot Features

  • Mecanum drivetrain

  • Fuel collector

  • Fuel shooter

  • Gear scorer (active)

  • Rope climber

  • Onboard arduino for LED control

  • Sensors

    • NavX-MXP (gyroscope, accelerometer)
    • Lifecam 3000 (vision source)
    • Maxbotix MB1013 (ultrasonic rangefinder)
  • Vision Processing

    • Sourced from 2x Lifecam 3000 cameras
    • Processed through GRIP running on DriverStation PC
    • Closed-loop translation and rotation control for perfect alignment with gear and boiler targets


  • robot
    • 'administrative' driver classes
  • subsystems
    • High-level representations of physical hardware systems
    • Interface between highest-level Commands and lowest-level hardware
  • commands
    • Represent in-game actions at the highest level of abstraction
  • utils
    • Any utility classes for PID control or improving hardware functionality

For a more complete breakdown of the code structure, see blog post.

Naming Conventions

  • CONSTANT_EXAMPLE (i.e. DISTANCE_MAX_MM) : Final constants
  • camelCase (i.e. defaultUnit) : Instance variables
  • kInstanceName (i.e. kInches) : enum instances

About Us

We are a veteran FIRST Robotics Competition team from Westwood High School in Westwood, Massachusetts. Feel free to check us out on Twitter, Snapchat, or at our website!

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