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What is it?

17eyes is a static code analysis tool for the PHP programming language, aiming
at improving both quality and security of your code. Over the years, PHP
evolved to be a complex language with many pitfalls. We believe that many
potential problems can be detected automatically by a source code quality
checking tool. Our aim is to create such tool and make PHP development
more pleasant and efficient.

We wrote that code in the PHP 5.4 and 5.5 era to rule the planet... We
took over the planet in a different way, so we decided to release our work
under permissive free software license (ISC license which is BSD compatible).
Feel free to fork it, send us patches, love it, ignore it or do with it
whatever you want. "Your only limit is yourself".

Currently we've implemented PHP language parser, unparser, AST analysis, some
skeleton of CFG analysis framework. There is still a lot of work to do in order
to make this tool usable. However there are potential projects that may reuse
existing code (including PHP code instrumentation tools etc.). Let us know
if you do something interesting on top of the 17eyes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you're a billionaire,
consider hiring us to finish this project.


So far we've implemented PHP language parser and unparser based on lex-pass
which was maintained at facebook. AST analysis is built on top of abstract
syntax tree which is produced by our parser. CFG analysis relies heavily on
Hoopl library, you can read a paper about this library at:
Below you'll find only some kind of survival kit, we'll try our best to
extend that section though.


In order to build the code, you'll need GHC and cabal utility. All you have to do is
to run cabal install.

$ cabal install -j5
Resolving dependencies...
Configuring 17eyes-0.1...
Building 17eyes-0.1...
Installed 17eyes-0.1

And voilà. Now you should have 17eyes installed under you cabal's bin path. We've
successfully built this code on Linux and FreeBSD boxes using GHC 7.8. Code relies on
older version of Hoopl package (3.8.x). Someday we'll release binary versions.

Using 17eyes

At present 17eyes uses only a limited set of analyses, you can perform a PHP file scan
simply by running 17eyes [file] command.

tests/undefined $ 17eyes good_method.php
good_method.php:6 line too long

Almost all lines in this file are shorter than 78 characters, but this one is
longer. It is often desirable to maintain a consistent line length convention.

good_method.php:10 class and function declarations should have their opening brace on a new line

By convention the opening brace after class and function declarations is usually
in the next line. This serves as a visual aid to distinguish these declarations
from statements like "if" or "switch".
To get help run 17eyes --we-dont-have-help-yet:

$ 17eyes --we-dont-have-help-yet
17eyes: user error (unrecognized option `--we-dont-have-help-yet'
Usage: 17eyes [OPTION...] FILES...
          --dot           parse from the standard input and output CFG representation consumable by Graphviz's `dot'.
          --dump-ast      just parse from standard input and dump the AST
          --unparse       parse from the standard input and reconstruct the source code
          --resolve=NAME  try to find a function, class, method or constant by name
  -d DIR  --codebase=DIR  set the codebase directory (instead of the default www)
To get AST use --dump-ast switch:

src/cakephp/lib/Cake $ cat bootstrap.php | 17eyes --dump-ast
Ast "<stdin>" (TopLevel "" (Just (Right "php"))) (Intercal [WS "\n",Comment [...] 
You can also dump CFG graph in dot format in order to produce fancy images:

tests/parser $ cat foreach.phpt | 17eyes --dot | dot -Tpng > graph.png

CFG graph
Running tests

SEE: tests/README file


Please use github issues to report an issue. We'd appreciate patches, pull
requests and any suggestions. If you want speak us privately, take a look at
contact section.


If you would like to see some particular feature implemented, you might
consider donating to the project. Contact us for further information.

During initial phase we were sponsored by:
* LogicalTrust -
* DigitalSun -


Tomasz Dudziak
Mateusz Kocielski

If you want to help us somehow, feel free to drop us a line.

Contact us

If you have any questions or any other reason to talk to us, please do not
hesitate to contact us. There are several ways to reach us: by
e-mail, via IRC: #17eyes @ Freenode.