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Add to config/modules.config.php

return [
    // ...

or if not exists to config/application.config.php

return [
    'modules' => [
        // ...


Add folowing options to config/application.config.php

agegate_title - Text in the <title> tag agegate_logo - Site logo before 'Age Gate' text and inside Qr-Code agegate_site_name - Text before 'Age Gate' agegate_custom_text - Text before 'reference to Digital Economy Act' or after agegate_custom_text_location - Position of 'agegate_custom_text'. Values: 'top', 'bottom' agegate_background_color - background color. Default: rgb(247, 241, 241) agegate_text_color - text color. Default: #212529 agegate_remove_reference - Remove 'reference to Digital Economy Act'. Values: true, false agegate_remove_visiting - Remove 'you are visiting from UK' text. Values: true, false agegate_test_mode - start AgeGate immediatelly. Values: true, false agegate_test_anyip - start AgeGate at any ip. Value: true, false agegate_test_ip - set ip for testing. Example: '' agegate_start_from - start AgeGate after this time. Default: 2019-07-15T12:00 agegate_desktop_session_lifetime - reset AgeGate confirmation after this time in hours on Desktop. Default: 24 agegate_mobile_session_lifetime - reset AgeGate confirmation after this time in hours on Mobile devices. Default: 24

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