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app remove unused email link Jun 25, 2018
bin Updated Spring to fix warning May 17, 2016
config increase session timeout Jul 10, 2018
db Calling 'create' method inside the method resolves 'ActiveRecord::Rec… Jun 14, 2018
doc Docs on how to surface various events through Kibana Nov 16, 2017
lib Decouples AWS configuration for SES and S3 May 2, 2018
log Initial commit. Mar 28, 2014
public Updated the 500 email link to send to User Voice Feb 3, 2016
script Moved directory creation down script Feb 6, 2017
spec use rails middleware for rack attack, increase request limit and fix … Jun 26, 2018
vendor/assets Remove the validate Oct 11, 2016
.about.yml Correcting and extending about.yml services entry Jan 25, 2016 add git bisect script for bummr Feb 1, 2016
.cfignore symlink the .cfignore to the .gitignore Mar 20, 2015
.codeclimate.yml Codeclimate ignore Nov 25, 2016
.env.example More details about elasticsearch in test Oct 26, 2017
.env.test Save the updates on the test Nov 23, 2016
.gitignore ignore local elasticsearch instance Jun 25, 2018
.rspec Remove Turnip Oct 7, 2015
.rubocop.yml Change the ref Nov 1, 2016
.ruby-version update ruby minor version to match buildpack support Jun 22, 2018 link from CONTRIBUTING to the team practices doc Oct 5, 2015
Dockerfile update ruby docker Jun 25, 2018
Dockerfile.fake-cloud-gov update docker files Feb 15, 2018
Gemfile codeclimate should tell you specific place, not just tell you to push… Jul 10, 2018
Gemfile.lock ruby minor update to support cf buildpack Jun 24, 2018
Guardfile Guard excludes features during 'run all' Jun 21, 2016 License for third parties. Sort auto complete Apr 7, 2015
Procfile run migrations before any other processes start on CF Aug 21, 2015
Procfile.worker run worker instance with foreman Apr 21, 2016 Removing other link Mar 28, 2018
Rakefile Added code climate fixes Oct 11, 2016 rename dir rather than creating symlink, so CI will cache correctly Dec 15, 2015
circle.yml Turn on JS tests on circleCI Jul 18, 2016
coffeelint.json don't allow trailing whitespace in coffeescript Oct 19, 2015 fix quote marks Jul 10, 2018
docker-compose.yml Fix OAuth configuration for Docker Apr 19, 2018
gc-manifest.yml Redesign still depends on env vars Dec 30, 2016
manifest.yml Utilizes Amazon SES for email in production Apr 27, 2018


Circle CI Code Climate Test Coverage Dependency Status security

C2 is part of GSA's suite of Common Acquisition Platform (CAP) tools.

Interested in using C2?

C2's code is open source, which means you can clone the code in this repository, adapt it for your needs, and deploy it yourself.

If you would prefer to use C2 as as hosted software solution for your organization, we would be happy to give you a demo.

Please submit a support ticket to learn more.