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# Modern Team Template for Federalist
# 18F Modular Contracting Website

This is a Jekyll site. It is a simple site to showcase the work of an organization with a few different page types.
This repo contains a Jekyll website to showcase and share the 18F Acquisition Team's work on modular contracting. This content is divided into three main sections:

This particular site is made for use with the [Federalist]( in mind.
* Strategies: a brief overview of the strategies used by the Acquisition Team on modular contracting engagements.
* Examples: featured projects that showcase some of the work we have done with partners.
* Assets: Materials that we have developed through the course of our work that we want to share with those interested in learning more about modular contracting.

This template uses the CSS and JavaScript from [U.S. Web Design System]( To update the version of the system, [download the code]( from the website. Unzip the download and drop the entire folder (which should be named something like `uswds-1.1.0`) into `assets/vendor`.
## Contributing

In your `_config.yml`, update the `wds-version` value to the new version number. This should match the version number in the name of the folder you just downloaded. In the case of our example, it would look like this: `wds-version: 1.1.0`. You'll need to restart your Jekyll server to see the new code take effect.
To contribute to this project, read the CONTRIBUTING policy and the instructions below.

## 18F Open Source Policy
Things you'll want to have:

This repository contains the official [Open Source Policy]( of [18F]( (a digital delivery team within the [General Services Administration](
* An account on [Federalist](
* [Jekyll]( installed on your computer.

**[Read 18F's Open Source Policy.](**
Fork this repo, and then clone to your local machine. Create a new branch for your changes:

### 18F Team Guidance
~$ git clone
~$ git checkout -b <your-branch-name>

For 18F team members, we have guidance on how 18F puts this policy into practice, and how we handle the narrow situations where we may delay or withhold the release of source code.
When you have made your changes, you can test them locally using Jekyll. From the directory where you are working, simply type: `jekyll serve`. You should be able to view your changes at ``.

**[18F's open source team practices.](**
Commit your changes and push to your forked repo:

### Credits
~$ git commit -am 'My new changes!'
~$ git push origin <your-branch-name>

You can now submit a [pull request]( to the 18F repo with your changes.

## Using Federalist

Log in to Federalist and click on `Add Website`. Scroll to the bottom and add a new site based on a Github repo. Add the details of your repo and branch.

Once your site builds, you can view it in Federalist. For questions on how to use Federalist, consult the [documentation](

This policy was originally forked from the [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's policy]( Thanks also to [@benbalter]( for his [insights regarding CFPB's initial policy](

### Public domain

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